Chester Upland School District Current 2024 Taxes

Please send Check or Money Order payable to e-Collect, LLC

To expedite the processing of your tax certificate request, please use our forms so that the information we provide is accurate.

Overnight Mailing Address only:

e-Collect, LLC
804 Fayette St.
Conshohocken, PA 19428

Fee – $25.00 / return by mail (please provide S.A.S.E.), fax, e-mail, pre-paid overnight delivery.

Remember to include the current owner’s information on the request form.
Please include your Fax number/E-mail address so you can receive the Certified Tax Search back as quickly as possible and/or supply a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope in order to get the hard copy back in the mail.

Note: Prepayment is required for all tax search requests. We do not provide verbal confirmations.