Tax Review and Analysis Professionals

There is a delicate balance to being effective in the collection of taxes in local government. All members of our organization possess excellent skill sets and communicative skills. When it comes to customer service, we have no equal. Most importantly, we are a reflection of the way business is conducted in your community. We understand that.

History and Experience

Our track performance record of 25% to 112% increases is a result of better method of identifying, analyzing and auditing. Our Chief Auditor has nearly 25 years of vetting out revenue that has fallen through the cracks. Nearly every community that we’ve encountered is looking for additional revenue. And all are being asked to do more, with fewer resources.

Our Services

We have the preeminent auditor and legal staff in the business, but we measure our experience through our successes. In other words, what separates us is our ability to significantly increase revenue anywhere — from affluent communities to distressed cities.

We excel in the collection of revenue and making sure that process is conducted in the manner in which we, ourselves, would like to be treated.

What do your services cost?

We are performance based. Therefore, there are no upfront costs. We will not be paid until we’ve identified, collected and deposited the funds into your bank account.

How long does it take to implement?

We begin immediately. We process your data and nearly all of our customers have begun to receive funds in the first 30-60 days

What resources do we need?

None. Just supply us with your taxpayer database and payment history. We will take it from there. There is no cost for conversion.

Customized Revenue Enhancement

eCollect Plus provides customized revenue enhancement programs that view and analyze every standard tax source. Learn the benefits of eCollect Plus see how we can benefit your community.